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For new startups if product is new to market and its concept is different from traditional available solutions, it is very difficult to get appropriate market adaptability and needs lots of efforts.
For such new product a huge amount of fund needs to spent to make user’s adaptability.
Is there any platform for startup to get economical solution for this expensive startup marketing?

Prayosha Innovative.


One of the fundamental rules of design (industrial, consumer or otherwise) is to never move a user out of their comfort zone / user experience in order to use the product correctly.
Designing a product that is energy efficient but makes the user uncomfortable goes against the principles of good design.
Ideal product design does not try to change the user experience.

What you need to spend money on , in my opinion , is not good marketing, but on time and effort in working on the design to not change the user experience.

What product do you have in mind ?


Dear Mr. Ron,
Thanks for your feedback.
You are absolutely right that it is very difficult to change comfort zone / old habits , even it may be better option compared to existing available solutions.
Our product is home appliance. We manufacture Sedimclean brand water tank cleaning machine. The machine works without waste of water, in filled water tank with better energy conservation and within smallest time duration without discontinuity of water supply.
You may view our product presentation in English at

Hasmukh Makwana


i have forwarded this post to one of my contacts on twitter who is a Marketing specialist based out of Bangalore.
Maybe he can provide you with better tips on Marketing.

If you have additional budget, you should help me to try my startup in solving the manual scavenging problem in the country :thinking: which will require an industrial version of your solution.


Hey Ron,

Thanks for the invite. here is how I would like to explain-
Each product / service which is being offered by a company/ individual are unique in its own; they are always X% better in one way or other. How big is that X%age depends completely only on the deliverable.

Now to show that X% value to the target customer it takes time for them to understand. Also, each target customers are unique in them-selves, all have their own understanding about the world, product / service. Once, these values get absorbed by the end target customer, then they will go ahead start interacting/ discussing with you.

Now to enable the target customers to absorb the information/ value which you provide, you need an effective communicator/ marketing communication team who can enable you with all these.


Dear Mr. Ron,

That is basic need, that we need strong marketing campaign to reach in mind of public, but it needs large funds. Funds can be managed but its effective output is a big question mark. Here problem comes for right selection of such media. Every one says that my company will give good respond but reality comes when we observe output after few months.


Mr. Ron,
Thanks for your effort for support.


Dear Mr. Ron,
Your last reply is not visible in this discussion, but I received mail notification. Based on mail notification, please note followings.

What is your shareholding pattern for the company ?
How many directors on your board ?

Have you already tied up with a branding / marketing agency ? :- Yes already done up to start up level.
Apart from the product improvements like battery, and industrial capacity cleaners, which can further highlight the USP of your product / brand , i think someone in a directorial capacity can advise you better on the sales and growth strategy, and the marketing content for your campaign >> Yes you are correct. Please share more details in this matter.

Hasmukh Makwana


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