No Repy from IMB for the response on their observation


Hi, I am a startup founder and like all of us had passionately applied for the IMB tax benefit scheme for the startups. Once the registration process was complete, waited for days to get a response from IMB regarding the decision on the tax benefit eligibility for my startup. Got a negative response on 20th June 2017, stating that I have 30 days to reply to this observation and produce details which were not presented before. Now to this on 17th July 2017, I replied in detail putting forth my case for tax benefit for the startup. That time it was told that it will be taken up in the next IMB meeting as the backlog was of sizable quantity. From that day till this day, in 2018 I am still waiting to hear or a feedback from IMB… Post my response approx 7-8 IMB meetings have been conducted. Also I have raised ticket in Contact Us page for atleast 3 times and have got the same response that the application have been submitted to concerned team. We will look into it.
Can anyone share, if they had similar experience or better in this regards, and what would be the proper channel to take this up with the authorities.



We are facing the same situation as yours.
IMB has not given any response from months.