One stop shop rather interface for those who do not know the use of web


I have been pondering over this idea and would invite suggestions from the business fraternity, To start with primarily I would be interested small incubation hubs more like Net Cafe’s but for those who do not know how to use the web. I have been into healthcare for almost 15 years now but not much into our domestic market, just to illustrate the idea, I would open a e-consultation studio with a trained guided assistant for those who wish to have corporate medical care opinion on a one on one visual interface. If Apollo is in Hyderabad but everyone cannot reach them physically even if they wish to consult that might not need an inpatient admission, we would have a panel of doctors who would cater to those required patients sitting at a hub and talk to them on a chargeable basis,this can be extended to any domain of business like fashion, food, socializing and what not, the idea is to do brand building and promotion and create an access base for those who might not know what Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or any e-commence business is, I have array of products/services that could come under one hood along with privacy and comfort.


SeeDoc launches in India to provide affordable primary healthcare by video

I am also on the lookout for medical entrepreneur’s to see if there is a market for LIMS / HIMS software.


Hi Ron,

I did get to see the link and though the thought is in the same lines but use of Apps and setting up a startup environment to a crowd that really do not how to go about it would be my functioning idea, so again the portal caters more to those who know how to use internet or know how to describe their disease mostly in medical terms but my aim is to take it to those who do not know but still wish to ask any question whether medical, legal, fashion, branding etc.


Yes , thats interesting. The founders of SeeDoc also had a similar approach in that they had a pain point which was the overall lack of trustworthy, primary healthcare on a nationwide basis, and based on their experience in the field , and proven entrepreneurial strengths, decided to embark on their ambitious plan.
Were you able to check with primary health centres at the gram panchayat / taluk level to see if they could do with some digital innovation ? It is possible you could setup a hub in such places.
You could also try and get in touch with Hospitals in India, like CMC Vellore who operate outreach clinics in rural areas surrounding Katpadi region. Possibly they might be able to provide you with further insights into your unique business proposition.


Mr. Kumar,
I am interested about your idea and I am from Hyderabad, so please reach me rathna.b3■