Onlince Grocery Shopping Business profitable?


Hi guys,

I wanted to know how profitable is selling grocery online? What are the margins?


Hi Tushar,
Please have a look at these two links:

  1. How to start the business?

  2. Will the business work?

It also depends upon the market competition, in this case: Big Basket and the area you wish to deliver in. Having certain USPs over the other competitors is extremely important to get you ahead of them. There are not many online grocery stores in India yet and I personally believe that there should be scope for some more alternatives. Hope this helps :slightly_smiling:


you are right but this year there are many new e-commerce website have launched which creates heavy competition between top ten Grocery shopping on online.


There is relatively less competition in this field as far as I know. But the same situation will not be in future. Perhaps it can continue to be too but there’s no guarantee of it.
Better you make use of the current less competitive situation.

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Hope this helps. All the best.


First you should not think about profit in ecommerce business. My ecommerce grocery store ( is running successfully.


Yes its profitable. But can a grocery shop alone run well… How will you drive the attraction of your customers. There are so many other sites why the customers should buy it from your shop ? Did you ever think about all these. There something special in your site that attracts them, what will you provide that will be different from the other grocery ecommerce. Grofers, Bigbasket all are running well because they are running coupons to attract more customers and additional discount is something which brings a lot of traffic to your site. Then, it comes a time when your business start earning profit. You can check Grabon, couponsji, Promocodeclub…


Hi Tushar ,

Online Grocery Shopping business are profitable ,given that they are cost effective in their processes and delivering good quality services to customer.

In Kolkata , I have seen few Grocery Business such as SaltnSoap ,which are doing good here .