Opening a fast food shop


sir/mam i am planning to open a fast food shop in my property which will include fried chicken,burger and french fries.Do i require any license or documents?? if yes then please specify.Your help will be highly appreciated


It is compulsory to have a Food License to carry out any business activity which deals with production, manufacture, processing, distribution, selling, import, export, stock of any food article or beverage and it includes Dairy Business, Meat processing, Restaurants.

Major Registration under FSSAI are :

Registration : Any person who is engaged in any business and deals with food article and beverage with a turn over of Rs. 0- Rs. -12 lakhs.

State FSSAI license if Turnover exceeds Rs. 12 lakhs.

Alongside the FSSAI license, you will require

–Shop Establishment license.

–Permission from Municipal Body.

It is advised for you to get your business incorporated, if you are planning to open small business , then sole proprietorship or One person Company are option available. Otherwise you can proceed with Limited Liability or private limited company.

For Sole Proprietorship and to open bank account for smooth business transactions, you will need:-

Service tax registration/ shops and establishment license

Address and ID Proof of the proprietor. If proprietorship address is different, then by providing office premise address proof.

The process might seem daunting at first but it isn’t! The registration might take around 30-45 days. All the best for your venture!


FSSAI license is required


[ananthp] given you the best answer. You just have to register in FSSAI and i feel food and beverages is the best business to work on. I hope your business goes well. All the best!


You will have to register on FSSAI…Wish you good luck for your business.


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Yes you have to required the basic license to starting any type of food venture for the same. below are some basic registration -

  1. Legal Entity like Proprietorship Proof - you can start simply with the legal entity proprietorship firm. its required only the basic license registration like GST Registration. after that you have to open a current bank account on your startup name. GST Registration Certificate & Current Account also required by the payment gateway companies during intregation on your portal.

  2. FSSAI Registration - Basically There are 3 type of the FSSAI Registration. So you are just starting then suggest you go with the BASIC FSSAI Registration only for 2 year validation. its required when your business turnover less than 12 lakh rupees in a year but its a best for the starting.

Cost - if we talk about both above license then its cost max 5000/- INR for the same. its required your basic docs like pan + aadhar + business address proof like elect bill or rent agreement etc.

Some Tips -

  1. First just do the registration because its required on every stage.
  2. Go with the basic propreitorship firm then on later stage you can convert into the private limited company to save the cost & testing your ideas
  3. for the website go with the wordpress platform and intregate any theme at cheapest cost to test your idea.
  4. intregate the instamojo or rozerpay etc. they have simple plugin and UI for the user.


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