OPM for startups


Outsourced Product Manager! 40+ years in global IT industry.

  • As the 7th employee in Sales & Marketing in HCL (1976) commenced a career with India’s most illustrious startup!
  • Continued the entrepreneurial journey in 1992 by creating Business Systems Inc, Dubai that teamed up with Groupe Bull, France.
  • Dominated the Indian internet-access market place serving as the EVP @ PowerTel Boca, Bangalore, India.
  • Expanded market opportunities for IDS in the USA & Australia (Hospitality Product solutions), for Epiance in South Africa (BPM Productivity Tool).
  • Other client engagements include helping an Indian vendor of SaaS application (e-Procurement) and a reseller of CRM(Salesforce) redesign their sales organization.
  • Presently doing PoCs and enabling key client acquisition for LimeKast a mobile app platform.

Talk to me: +919845193563 Mail: vijay■insales.in