Organic food store start up in Bangalore



We currently have products from the following categories .
Organic Food
Organic Vegetables
Organic Gardening Supplies
Natural Cosmetics
Handmade Jewellery
Art & Craft
We sell 100% organic and natural product.


Please pm me your details.


Please visit for more info


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Name: Parth Shah



I was wondering if you’d like to offer your comments as an entrepreneur for an article I’m writing about sourcing supplies for Alibaba - it will be published on their website, and may be distributed via social channels, as part of their content marketing. The article will feature quotes from entrepreneurs and all quotes used will be published with a description of your business, so it provides a chance to raise brand awareness.

I have included questions below for your convenience - many thanks for your help in advance!

What are the key things you look for when sourcing supplies?

What tips to do you have for finding hard to get supplies/ reliable suppliers?

What insights do you have on finding suppliers online?


Great. You can promote your organic store through