Our new startup will handle all your warranty bills is much a better way digitally



We at #boxmybill a startup where we organize & categorize all your new purchased warranty bills digitally on our cloud server.

40% of people around the world lose their warranty claims due to misplacing or lost of hard copy bills. So just scan, upload, store & access all your warranty bills at one place & access them anywhere, anytime ONLINE.

Do visit us at: www.boxmybill.com
Android Mobile App. : https://goo.gl/SjWoCH


Hi there. Congratulations on your startup. Is your company only stores the warranty information or does it also helps to use the warranty? Best of luck


Dear Mr. Rajesh Shivam

We thank you for your kind wishes. Our company stores the warranty information as well as you can access them anywhere, anytime on your smartphone online secondly you can also set an alert before any warranty expires.
All your new asset warranty protected & secured on #boxmybill

Please download our Mobile App: https://goo.gl/SjWoCH

Please do reply with your comments or suggestions.

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