Over emphasis on Mobile / Online Store related startups?


I just fail to understand why all start ups are thinking only in one direction of online or mobile app for services?

Why no one is doing anything in mfg or real product trading??

If all wl go for e comm and mob app, it will be another dot com fiasco og 1990s…

Wake up…


Hi Dhawal,

It’s great to hear that you are very sincere about this problem. Not everyone is focusing on E-Commerce, but yes because of a recent boom in e-Commerce space in India and other markets as well, it has created a lot of opportunities and has been trying to the way people consume. There are still startups who are working on manufacturing space. One more thing, e-Commerce has just changed the way people consume, not the things people consume.

Hope I was able to add some insights on your topic.


Yes @vishalsinghnikumbh has got it spot on if u ask me .
Much of the media attention on ecommerce startups are due to the ever growing market opportunity in India ,from 5 billion $ to 35 billion $ in 2015 at a CAGR of 40% . http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/2042004/ecommerce_industry_in_india_20112015

Also when we look at the ramping up process of ecommerce startups, The availability of inexpensive easily customisable ecommerce applications like magento , Wordpress etc , large community of php developers in India makes getting up and running easy if you have a sound business model in place , and Indians being the master of thrift , no prizes to guess why the market is booming! We love a bargain and would prefer if someone dropped of stuff at our place ANY DAY, instead of having to step out in city traffic!

In order to become a digital manufacturing hub, we have to compete against the likes of China , and frankly I have no answer why we are not doing that .
Though companies like micromax have decided to manufacture many of their models locally , and kudos to them for that , yet almost every other player in the world assembles their phones and laptops in China .
India has the software power but not the grassroots hardware innovation , and again I wonder if it’s just a lack of will ?

If this continues as you surmise not only will it continue to hamper the economic growth of our country , but we will always be 10 steps behind China and No matter how efficient a government is at the centre will always be dependent on multinationals to drive our growth engines .
I think innovations in education , renewable energy ( not just investment in solar farms ) and improving agricultural productivity among others should be the country’s no. 1 focus in order to drive India’s economic growth forward .


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