Patanjali! Sri Sri! India's global leadership is growing!



If you stay in Delhi area or perhaps in several other areas in India then you might have coughed due to harmful to severely harmful air around you. While breathing, the harmful air might not be directly felt when they’re small to very small particles, however, it can be increasingly harmful over the longer-term.

I regularly buy from a shop which sells Patanjali, Sri Sri and other brands and I’ve used their products many times. I think that their products would help as I would get harmed due to such conditions.

Today I saw a mobile tablet of Sri Sri brand. I saw that we’ve strong relations with PRC (China) where it has been made and the device would be bringing wonderful value to its users. If I could’ve afforded it now then I would’ve bought it. Someday I would get one.

Recently I read that 94% of Patanjali Ayurved is owned by Acharya Balkrishna Ji from Nepal and he’s the Managing Director. In my prayer area, I also have some monuments from Nepal and one of them even has Nepal engraved in it.

I wish that I can also keep growing work around our world. It would also be great to add value to such prestigious Indian brands like through marketing services and I wish that my work would also help me to move away from such conditions where it feels very sad to see children who wouldn’t know for many years that what happened to them.

Parents of many such children might be working to get better conditions for their children and for which I wish them the best including from around our world.

India’s global leadership is growing and Indians are getting good to great opportunities, products and services. I also wish to travel to more and more of the best places in our world and I wish that my work would help me to do that. It’s great to be human.

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