Pathetic Case of Ease Of Doing Business from Mumbai



Bribe them to get your work done or keep facing the trauma!
So recently I tried registering my company with the local Municipal authority in Mumbai and trust me nothing has changed. The Government’s efforts to change the system and bring reforms is visible, but they can’t change the lax attitude of the Babus at govt offices. The nexus between Agents & officials is strong. Corruption at grassroots levels is so horrible. They don’t care about Startup India or young entrepreneurs, all they want is heavy files laded with cash inside.

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Thanks for the great post. I am mainly interested in knowing the current state of corruption in India. Please see my post What are the startup challenges in India compared to US

I think there should be a forum for all the grievance tracking so that it will be a learning experience to all of us. I also posted an idea for a company earlier about these kind of issues. Check