Payment Gateway Provider Comparison and Evaluation Tool



Here’s a comprehensive tool that lets you compare and evaluate the best payment gateway tools for your business.


India is not in the list. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


We will be adding India soon. But our existing RBI rules do not allow any Indian payment gateways to support recurring billing for domestic transaction and as a recurring billing software, this tool was mainly created for SaaS Startups focusing on a global market to charge international customers.


See this

Also Paypal India to India transfer is allowed now. That means we can charge recurring payments from Indian customers too.


Need to see India in the list Siddharth. It will have great value to India startup forum if Indian payment gateways are included.
Let us know when you fix that.


Completely agree with what you’ve shared. However, there are a few risks involved in that as well. I guess Recurring Billing for SaaS. Is it available in India? – ProductNation this should explain the problems we’re facing really well.


We will surely. Meanwhile, it would still make sense for startups wanting to operate from India to serve international customers. That was the major intention behind posting this tool here.


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