PayPal alternatives for international customers?


Hi Everyone,

Is there any payment gateway other then PayPal to accept international payments?


You can ask for an international payment gateway from CCAvenue/PayUBiz. The facility for international cards is subject to approvals from their respective banks. I can get you started with PayU if you’re interested. Message me privately for this.

If you want to go for an international card processor your can use 2checkout (2CO). However it works out too expensive compared to PayPal. They hold a reserve amount to cover chargebacks and funds transfer fees are applicable in addition to currency conversion fee for international bank wires.

Payoneer is another option if you want to provide local bank-based payment collection.


The best alternative for Paypal is Payoneer. Most of the top companies who does business across world, uses Payoneer as it has low charges when compared to Paypal.

Payoneer is smoother than PayPal when it comes to global pay-outs and withdrawals. Also you will get Low Conversion Rates & Exchange Rates.

Unlike PayPal, Payoneer offers services in select currencies. If you are receiving money in USD, Euro, GBP, or Japanese Yen, you should try using Payoneer & see if it helps you to save money or not.

Also one more reason is, you get $25 when you Sign Up with Payoneer and get the first payment through it.


Yes… Go with Payoneer


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