PayPal - Paytm Legal Battle



After Houzify and FlipkartDiscounts, PayPal has accused Alibaba Group-backed India’s leading digital wallet and payment solution firm Paytm claiming “deceptive similarity” between their trademarks. The latter has been charged on numerous grounds including confusingly similar trademark to the opponent’s earlier one and slavishly adopted the two-tone blue color scheme which is likely to cause stupefaction and trickery.

However, it’s interesting to note that the notice was issued on the very last day of expiry of the statutory period of 4 months as a part of trademark registration process in India within which the trademark could be opposed. It seems more of a calculated move by rather than a mere coincidence as the company is adding more than half a million new users every day after demonetization.

None of the parties has commented on the issue as of now.

Following is the link to the filed notice-

Moral- Play safe with your startup’s trademark or you may end up in legal trouble as well.

What’s your take on the topic? Whose side are you on? Let me know in comments section.