Please Beware


Dear members,

3 months back I shared here about my startup details and the problems i am facing to reach my goal(Should I sell my Startup Company or any other way to continue?). There are many forum members given me good suggestions and it helped me a lot.I am happy to say, now my startup idea is entered into a prestigious startup competition and selected for second round.For that i am thankful to all the members here.

But one of the member sales50 Ashish Prabhudesai from
contacted me through this discussion and asked the details.He called me from Pune 2 times that day and i given him all the details and some videos through e mail.

After 2-3 weeks he was not replayed.I sent a mail regarding the status.But not replayed.

Just 3 days before (Saturday) suddenly he called me and told like he was in a trouble, and insisted me to transfer some amount to his account.But i was out of the city that day.Again and again he called me and sent me messages. Then i decided to send some cash to his account.But unfortunately that day all PNB branches are with some network problem and not succeeded to send him cash.I told him clearly about the problem.But he was not ready to believe me.

He was called nearly 20-30 times.I was so busy that i blocked his number. But still he is sending messages.And he is telling me cheater :weary:

I faced this kind of money asking people in FaceBook. But in the business field this is first time.I don’t know about he was in reel trouble or not.But in that much urgency when he called even after 24 hour for a small amount of (about 2000-3000/-)money,i started thinking doubtfully.
Because i am not a close friend of him or not in same city or we are not even contacting regularly.

This information i shared here because it may helps to some other members also.

Thank you.


This is such a great news. Congratulations :tada::tada:

I agree that this happens everywhere online nowadays. It’s always better to take precaution and protect yourself.

Thank you for sharing your personal experience. :slight_smile:


Good that you shared this exp of yours.
Many people in this very forum will call up to get all the details from the new startups. Later, On some pretext either will stop calling or simply disappear.


Thanks for sharing Your Experience…Many people would learn from your experience.Now days people have so much of schemes for frauds.We have to take precautions.