Preparing for start-up in Electronic Manufacturing..What are your suggestions?


Dear Friends,

Since years I have been preparing for entrepreneurship in electronics manufacturing. I am doing best possible efforts to update myself with latest technological updates.Now I am looking for cost competitive design solution consultant who can provide me with best hardwares, PCBs, Remote control & other required accessories.

What are the factors that I have to keep in mind while starting manufacturing.I want valuable suggestions from you.

I have selected Home Theater 2.1 as a start up product as it is having mass market presence everywhere in villages, towns & cities.I want to get into assembles segment where Intex, Zebronics, Mitashi etc operating.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Shroff,
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Hope you have a great time here networking with hardware entrepreneur’s .

I had a mass market idea for Retrofit Solar Panels on Canopy Awnings: which i wanted to check with an expert , but i am not getting any viable answers.

The cost of the retrofit kits is very high to make it a scalable , marketable business model.
It is primarily trying to ease the financial burden of shopkeepers in cities and towns over India by providing them electricity via the use of solar panels.

Just an idea of mine, hope to hear from you on the same.

All the best for your Home Theater manufacturing/assemble plans.


Hi Ron, Thanks for your wishes…

Though I am interested in Renewable, my primary interest are into embedded electronics systems & in particular consumer electronics…Just for start up I have selected Home Theater 2.1 as it is good mass market product…

I dont have much idea about solar products market size & segmentation…You can add me on Linkedin with Rushi Shroff…I have 2 accounts there…


Hi Rushi,

Did you start manufacturing?

If not, then I submit following suggestion(s):

In order to become and maintain viability, try tying up with existing brands, to begin with. That is, you manufacture and supply, they market as their brand. This strategy will enable you to bootstrap your business with minimum financial risk of marketing your product yourself, while offering you the stability of steady demand necessary to efficiently run any manufacturing business.

Unless you start at a certain minimum threshold of say Rs.1 cr or above, marketing your product will be the bigger challenge you’ll face.

If you do desire to establish own brand, then a strategy needs to be formulated and followed to minimise financial exposure.

I would be most happy to offer my (paid) counsel, if you need. :slight_smile:

Best of luck