Problem in getting Incubation


Hello everyone!
I am running a recognized startup from Allahabad. My startup got recognition in the month of june. Since there is 1 startup center & 1 incubation center present in my city at MNNIT & IIIT college, I tried in both the institutions for incubation but got no response from IIIT & from MNNIT I was informed that there is not enough fund allotted to the institution for providing incubation.
In this condition what should I do?


Hello shivesh,

The problem you are facing is very common problem, because in India most of the IIC
and Start-up centre are at govt institute like IITs, IIMs etc. These centres gives first preference, to the students from their own institute. So I would suggest you to arrange some funding at your own level. Try to contact local investor and the people who may help you in this situation. After getting a good response from the market you can approach some agency who provide funding for Start-up.