Product Quality vs effective Business Strategy


Nowadays many business consultants available in market. Same way many companies are there in market which help you build good quality products.At the same time, it is very essential to have cost effective manufacturing to control price to sustain competition.You need to have effective sales channel/network to sell minimum quantities.

At initial stage of start up, it is very difficult to have these features so it takes considerable time to reach break even.I think this is the toughest stage of start up.Any ideas/thoughts welcome.


I agree with your views but it will be vary from industry to industry. As I am working in IT field and I worked with various tech startup, the main obstacle for them is to hire skilled resources at reasonable cost.

Apart from this, the sustainable product with regular updates and infrastructure cost along with solid marketing strategy plays key role to gain profitability.

On which product do you work? would love to learn more about your startup.


I am an Electronics & Instrumentation engineer with active interest in Embedded Electronics technologies.
Out of so many domains, I chose consumer electronics as FMCG consumer goods are fastest growing sectors in India in influence of Make in India/Start Up India.

I have selected Home Theater 2.1 as start up product but I have been advised by top consultant to refrain from manufacturing. According to them to set up cost effective manufacturing you need big set up which can cost 50 lacks to 1.5 crores.

Also very reliable sales channel/network is also required to sell minimum quantities. For new entrant in market it is not at all easy to have very trustworthy distributors/marketing agencies from where safe money recovery could be done.

Because of these factors, I have suspended my plans of manufacturing for time being.By the way I am Mechatronics technology hobbyist & explore new products in Automation segment.

I totally agree with you that trend changes from industry to industry.

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Hello @shroff_rushi,
What is your opinion on ways of offsetting the huge price we pay as a nation for consumer electronics goods which attract import duties ?
What are the various factors preventing our nation from heading into the manufacturing computers and mobile phones by ourselves and not be dependent on Lenovo , Dell and Apple ? Is it just basically manpower and raw materials or something more systemic like beuraucratic hurdles to setup hardware startups ?
Mine is basically an iOS based startup , and whenever a part is not available in the Apple Retailer Store I have to wait for it to come from another country!
As a result Even repair of parts is not an option and warranty gives only replaceable option.
Any ideas ?