Professional Home Inspection Services



What will be the Feasibility and Viability of starting a professional Home Inspection services in India?
Possibility of risk in business and the survival of the business ?


This is actually in my opinion a very good idea.
I was once approached with a similar idea from an entrepreneur in 2014.
There are a few people implementing this as well, but with 1.3 billion homes, the potential is enormous.

Of course one must not really be thinking purely of capitalizing on households, but rather lend a helping hand to govt,programmes (Swatch Bharat, Shauch Banao) , NGOs, home owners to home management.
EDIT - I think the Shauch Banao campaign is not just for rural areas . In Bangalore if you look at most of the public parks , while many are decent , for some of them their toilet facilties are despicable . Some level of sensitisation is needed here too , to educate people about how they can make a difference by supporting an open form of governance (most of these issues are to do with the unavailability/ non-disbursement of funds)

You can even add on IOT based services to give your idea the digital edge.

As an entrepreneur, the prerequisite for this kind of intervention is i think passion for the Swatch Bharat Mission. If you are just planning to do it on a rudimentary basis (pestcleaning, electrical, house cleaning, spraying anti-bacterial ) then also its a good idea but i would say you cant find many passionate people to partner with a purely capitalist intent, which is the primary driver behind many successful entrepreneurial venturesšŸ‘‰šŸ¾Partnerships Matter.

Disclaimer - Opinions on this subject may differ from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, in areas from ideation , innovation, execution and scaling. So you need to have very detailed conversations with partners as you draft your Business Blueprint.

These are some areas where you can start of with minimal investment i think and do a Pilot also.

One MAJOR PAIN POINT is getting reliable staff to go about the menial tasks. Currently low skilled jobs are handled by people who have not had access to education , and so its very challenging to make / manage a workforce of unskilled labourers. But there might be some opportunities and subsidies available as part of NREGA or some URBAN mission programs.


Loved this question and today only I explored this forum. We are implementing this idea of Home Inspection in Delhi/NCR as

We have done 30+ inspections and 100+ interests. We believe Indian market is building towards such services. The way we have innovated our services, I personally like it and going to book it for my own flat in 2019.

We are doing it bootstrap since 2014 and innovated this concept as civil engineer in late 2015.

I think we took this decision out of passion and as part of our idea development. The demand of market is going to grow if more money can be burnt into marketing