Prototyping of hardware products


I have a dream and I want all the hardware startups to group together for mutual benefit and understanding the whole ecosystem in India. The hardware is hard and even much harder in India. Bringing a hardware product is a lehngthy process and being on same boat for many can give a great opportunity to learn.


That truly is a great initiative to dream of.
If you want to be a hardware entrepreneur you have to stick around with other hardware entrepreneurs.
You also need to have a basic understanding of the manufacturing processes at play , for which the internet abounds with reading material .
If your interest is particularly around electronics manufacturing , spend at least a few months researching the basics of electrical and telecommunication engineering , you will be much wiser before you start getting involved in this field .


Thnaks Ron.
Its not my dream. It just part of my dream. Getting my design prototyped has been a really hassle and after that during manufacturing it gets even more difficult. The only reason it looks difficult is that i have no experience with that. And many others also need not be expert at everything but getting things done.

I agree with you that going through electronics manufacturing and studying few related topics is a must. Without even having little knowledge it would be dificult to get things done. Thats why I want each and every hardware enthusiast having knowledge and skills for manufacturing and prototyping to get in touch.


CDAC is conducting 6 month short term courses in computing & hardware at its various centres in the country . The next batch is in Feb 2018 and the exams are in Dec.

You can get in touch with the CDAC authorities , they could provide you assistance , especially if you are interested in enrolling for a course .
You can also meet great folks who share a similar passion for hardware !


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