Pune based Start Up RenterSpot


Sharing economy is up and coming sector in India and specially to come up with solution of goods that are of no use or in multiple in numbers, sharing can be answer to this. Sharing is caring is an old saying that most of us might have heard from our mothers during our childhood.

Pune based RenterSpot boasts of being the country’s advanced peer to peer online renting platform. RenterSpot allows individuals and businesses to advertise products (goods or services) to online customers via a virtual rental marketplace. RenterSpot creates a sharing economy by providing a unique user experience that opens the rental marketplace up to the everyday online user.

RenterSpot provides an opportunity for owners to make money and renters to save money by cutting out the middle man. The peer to peer (P2P) marketplace is the easiest, cheapest, and most reliable way to rent goods for a specific time.

Over 80% of our household items get used less than once a month. We spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need – and too often those things sit gathering dust in a shed. Owners can advertise everyday household items as well as other goods and services on RenterSpot. Renters can search for products to rent by name, location, or category and find a bargain!

The currently self-funded RenterSpot is a bootstrapped start up founded by Yogesh Shinde , An IT engineer by education, Yogesh has earlier worked as a lead at Infosys and Syntel Inc in India and United States

The platform’s clean and easy to use interface is the thing that distinguishes it from others in the market. RenterSpot is a platform which is dedicated for all renting solutions. Rental market is a very unorganized sector and RenterSpot aims to transform this unorganized sector into an organized and customer friendly sector.


Welcome at Statup Forum, We welcomes you to Pune based Start Up RenterSpot.

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