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I want to know the price range for getting an app developed in delhi.

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Please describe what type of App will be. Knowing type of app, we shall say about the price range and time.


Hi Manish,
An Android app may cost anything upwards of INR 2 lakh, while iOS would generally cost 30 percent more. You are most welcome to get in touch for specific queries or a quote from TechGully.


Hello @kumarmanish.das,

You should have a very good reason to develop an in-house app in your geographic location ,and usually the reason is you are designing / developing a software for the enterprise market. If you are merely looking to test the waters with your mobile app idea, you can consider hiring the services of mobile app developers on elance, freelancer.com and maybe even fiverr.com, for a very convenient price.
The downside to hiring online could be the dynamics around intellectual property , but never around quality .


I can just say that an Android one will cost you bwteen 2-4 lakhs.


Hi Ron

Thanks for your valuable input.
According to me if I go for an in-house team then I should have a team of atleast 3 members. If I hire them then it will cost me way more than if I go to choose an outsourced one. If I go to hire interns then they will not be able to deliver the quality hence I will have to go for full time professional. Thats the reason I wish to outsource the app development.
It will be really nice of you if you can give a feedback…



The best way to go about asking for a cost estimation is to first use your own basic intuition and skill to create a wireframe of your mobile app idea control flow, and then after a round of feedback /testing create one on a free mockup tool like invisionapp
Hint I try to create pencil wireframes in a notebook like this initial user profile screen for a civic app by first sketching the outline using a pencil and my phone . This also gives you a ready feel for what you are doing.

If the online mockup is detailed enough you can readily ask the developers to break down the *cost per screen/ cost per functionality/cost per ui element to get a pretty good idea how much its going to cost you. The timeline for each screen can be based on mutual agreement and review.

Inversely it can also be a time based pricing where developers can tell you how many hours it takes develop a screen/logic/element etc and they charge you accordingly. Personally i dislike this second option and it creates more relationship problems between the team which then focuses more on getting the job done quickly and not expertly, but different people have their own preferences and the scenarios also maybe different.

The whole idea of in-house team is again largely based on what kind/ size of a market you are trying to penetrate, but yes UX, Mobile Application Programming [with or without Backend Integration] and Quality control(testing) will definitely take more than one or two app developers to do if you are looking at a large scale development.

My first client request for a mobile app was for an flappybird kind of game so really i didnt think of hiring anyone online at that point, since its pretty much a one person job.

You also need to do a breakdown of your application as mentioned above to a per screen basis even for the developers to understand the size and scale of your project. This will also help you to arrive at a reasonable price for your mobile app.

You can address the issue of quality , functionality as either an outsourcing project or an in-house development once you have your mockups in place. In fact if you look at demos of startups at startup conferences, many dont even create a full fledged app but show their mockups which it takes about 48 hours for them to complete with one good technical person on their team.

Bottomline my advice is first create your pencil sketch / mockups and in the meantime the issues of quality and scale can be addressed.

Many times entrepreneur’s are not able to fully depict their unique solution in the mockup stage itself , because they dont yet have a clear picture what exactly they are trying to develop to solve the client needs. Here again its best to have gone the independent mockup route so that you dont loose your invested money in developing a mobile app either in-house or via outsourcing.

All the best. If you want to discuss your specific idea for the app, you can PM.


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Cost generally depend on the features and complexity of the code as well as design iterations. If you think there are specific amount of charges then its wrong. If someone gives you less that does not mean that is the best solution.

I would like you to have them prepare feature wise listing for an entire application so that you get the idea what you’re paying for.

For further discussion you can send me private message.


hi, @kumarmanish.das

You have to design it first, as @Ron says to you, do the framework online, than put the design on paper or try to develop it from professional designer. we can provide you app design whatever you want. you can also hire developers for android / ios as well. if your app use the server data than you have to use firebase or you have to buy a hosting from any hosting provider, you also can buy it from us, we have more than 45 satisfied clients in domain/hosting solution. As per my thinking you have to cost as below.

Designer:15k to 20k/month
Android Developer: 20k to 30k/month
iOS Developer: 25k to 35k /month

so finla calculation is like this,
designer takes 2 month time to complete the design - 20k x 2 = 40k
android / ios developer takes 2 month to develope - 50k x 2 = 1lack
if need hosting server for a year = Rs.2300 x 1 = Rs.2300

[color=#FF2A7F]Total = 142300[/color]

above limit is higher limit, you can save time and do the efficient work also.

my app stores:

So after you grant successful design you can develop a whole application for it. also as per the complexity of design you can define your time duration for app development. see the basic workflow for any app development even if web or android or ios app.

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A app developer cost you in terms of hour which increases the cost of mobile app development but there are many ways by which you can cut the cost of development of your app. Some of them are creating prototype of your app, this will give you a clear picture what type of app you want and even gives a better understanding for the developers with the help of which the timing of the development gets shortened. AppActuator help you in this functionality and let you develop a mobile app which is cost effective and even if you do not have funds for making your app then AppActuator provides you with the investments to tackle the issue of money.


Hi Diana, it depends upon the sort of company you deal with. A start up or a freelance team could give you a minimal cost comparing to a well settled firm.

A static kind of android app may cost around 65 K INR & for IOS it costs 30 to 40 % higher.