Regarding Tax Benefits for my Startup



Our Startup has been recognised by the Startup India,i received the mail such that regarding tax benefits we will revert you.It has been 2 months long.I have tried through mails and calls but no response.Can anyone please suggest me how to avail tax benefits.



Visit the following link and check if your DIPP no is listed in any of the IMB meetings decision file.

Also, you will receive the email once your startup gets evaluated by Startup India Team for tax benefits.


I got IMB approval for tax exemption. Based on the innovativeness of the project, without any correspondence, they informed the approval.
DIPP 1484


Congratulations i have checked i need to wait for two more IMB meetings.


Thank you i checked in it i need to wait for two more meetings to check my status.


How did you get to know that you need to wait ?


Yeah if u refer the link ,you can see the complete list of startups approved,deferred and rejected,based on your recognition number and we have two more meetings in this month.So based on that i confirmed.


Thanks for your reply.
I didn’t see my dipp number.
I think they go by the serial number of the dipp.
Dipp4*** is our id and I have seen dipp’s till dipp3***.

Anyway thanks buddy!


Yeah in the same way iam waiting…My pleasure.