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Dear sir/mam,
1.I have started a e commerce website just now. But there is not any transaction done yet. Should I have to fill gst tax.
2. I have started this website on the wife’s name and it’s a individual proprietorship type current account. Means company firm name is my ‘M/s. My wife’s name’. So questions is that is there any problem arise due to this account name?
3. Should I have to register this website in MCA or how to register this website under government or is there any registration required?
4. How to register our official trade mark
Avnish Pancho


Dear Avinash,

Answers as below for your queries.

  1. You can file GST tax only when you have taken registration of GST. If GST registration is not taken, you can charge GST also.
  2. There is no problem with wife’s name.
  3. Since this is your proprietorship firm, you do not need to register in MCA.
  4. For Trademark registration, just see if it is really worth registering?



Change in point 1
" You cannot charge GST".



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