Requirements for a start-up travel group and profit sharing


Hi friends,
I am planning to start a small travel group as a start-up. It is not a full-time business and I intend to take it as an online business. However I am looking for a partner who can join me in planning and organizing trips as well as marketing. There is no plan for initial investments other than a few demo trips. Two questions I have - 1. Please list the basic requirements to start this (for eg:logo, posters, any gov rules) 2. How do I share the profit here? I am confused whether I should create a bank account for business or just use the personal account. If the latter, will that be a problem for the partner? Please explain as I’m new to business. Thanks in advance


Is your startup idea adventure tourism or eco-tourism related ?
What really would help is local knowledge,local language and local contacts ,apart from a genuine hunger for exploring new places.
Kindly update your city details, so that others can network better with you .
LIke if you were in Bangalore, i can point you to two or three people / stores that deal with adventure tourism .
All the best.


As I also intend to include kids in some trips, mostly focusing on sightseeing and eco friendly trips. I’m based in mumbai. There are a lot of tour groups for trekking in mumbai but none are exclusively for ladies and kids. So that is what I like to bring out. If I find a reliable travel company can I outsource the logistics to them? Plz advice