Review of my website


guys my startup is a shopping website.
please visit and tell me how you find our website.
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Hi, your shopping website is looking very nice and thank you so much for sharing the details. I will use it once. :slight_smile:


Hi Santy,
Congrats on launching your shopping website.

You should hire an independent website consultant for a few more bucks to review various aspects of the site design.
I think that would add a significant bit of class to the existing design.

I noticed that some of the logos (Lee, Puma) were stretched /skewed on your main slider interface.
Also the images do not convey any relation to the ‘bipzip’ model that is unique to your shopping website.

Also the vendor content needs to be proof read . The spaghetti strap products all have a spelling mistake.
Your site also is missing a bit of classy iconography in the menu items which make it look sober, when compared to say a like navbar,

Structure wise on large displays (imac) the main slider occupies 100% width, but the shopping widgets leave about 20% space on the sides making the site look a bit empty
On smaller devices the shopping widgets look a bit skewed .

In a nutshell, i would say a fair bit of originality is missing from the website primarily because images, which reveal the true content of a website, are in your case probably not proprietary content you have created.

I hope this was of use to you.

All the best for bipzip.

Ron Abraham


Thank you so much!!
We will try our best to improvise!


Hello Santy,

First of all… Congrats for coming up with a new Shopping Website!

Your site needs to be look more interesting. It’s not that much attractive. You should work more on it. Designing should also be improved. And one more thing, It’s good be to connect your site with social media platforms. But you only connected with facebook and twitter. You should also try to connect google+ and LinkedIn.

Please take a look at this sites - , & . I actually liked there interface.

Best of luck for your sites. Do the best.