ROC Compliance and other compliances for startup



I have registered an OPC Pvt Ltd company this February of 2016. Recently, I received an email from the company which I hired for registration process that I needed to complete some ROC and other compliances for my company. But here’s the deal. Right now my product is in beta testing, so I do not have any paying customers. I do have PAN and TAN for my OPC company but I have not opened any bank account yet. I went to the site and few other sites to find out what compliances does an OPC have to carry out.

My question is, since my company is registered just 3-4 months back, do I need to go for the ROC compliances right away? Also since the company does not have any income, how do I perform audits, taxes and tax returns.

I am confused about this. Any advice or help will be much appreciated.


Firstly ,my introduction -I am a practicing Chartered Accountant.
Secondaly ,can u please forward me the mail received from MCA so that I can suggest you what compliances are they asking for. You can do personal message or call on 9315089900