Safe Car pooling/Ride sharing



Do you want to car pool/bike pool but have been concerned about safety?

We have created Ridenet app to help you share your rides safely by offering the empty seats in your vehicle to people in your network who are going the same way.

Create your rides based on your travel schedule and Ridenet will match you to ride givers/takers. Ride givers can look forward to reduce travel cost, pollution and traffic congestion. Ride takers will benefit from getting comfortable rides at rates much lower than usual taxi fares.

Safety and convenience has been primary pillars around which we have built Ridenet. You can choose who you want to share your rides with, including only to people of same gender. It will be useful to ladies in particular who may be wary of sharing rides with strangers. Payments are entirely cashless and online, so no hassles of dealing with money.

We currently have an Android app. Do give it a try by downloading it from Google Play.

Happy ride sharing
Swati Baranwal
Ridenet Founder


Hi Swati,

As per review most of the people are not happy with UI and having issue with app. I guess Sride app comparatively is doing good and if you like to have a discussion regarding this then please get me in touch with me.