Seeking Seed funding for my upcoming venture



White Munk - Men’s Leather Footwear and Accessories Brand

To deliver premium quality leather shoes and accessories to the fashion forward millennials. White Munk will cater to the mens footwear and accessories market with its focus on pre and post sales service experience. To bring down the high cost of handcrafted leather goods in the global economy without compromising on quality and finish. This Indian brand will cater to a very niche market of fashion forward millennials by putting its unique designs in the dress and casual segments of the footwear Industry.


Looking for investors to back this project with seed funding. ROI of over 20% and a growth rate of 300% Per annum.

Contact :

Shakti Shikhar
+91 7992338512


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How much did I ask you to pay for the contract, let me know so I can send you our bank account details for the payment so we can proceed without delays


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