SEO for Startup


Hello Friends,
I m working with a startup. I am a SEO Manager(with just 1 year of experience…lol!)
So technically I need a number of advises, checklist, what to do or what not to do…
please help me for my website.
I want to make it perfect as all the other want to do, but don’t know how to do it exactly! :disappointed:
Please tell me anything for improve my business website.


Hi @Punkit753,
We give brownie points for those who share more about their startup :nerd_face:
Can you share a bit about your startup ?
Which is your field , are you thinking of some exciting new ideas ?
The idea is if you share more, you will find like minded people on the forum to help you !


Why Not???
Anything for BROWNIE POINTS!!!
I work with a company "Aim Technology"
It is located in india. It offers website development, designing, app development, UX/ UI design and digital marketing. we are re-constructing the website for making it attractive and SEO friendly. the current theme is just for making it live.
So If you have anything to share for my benefit please tell me.


Tha’s the way @Punkit753, may your sense of humor be infectious :smile:
Well my startup , and 100s other startups i can think of are all offering the same services.
Dont you think If the only the purpose is web development, as entrepreneur’s we are falling short of the mark, and at best are good at business , like every other industry ?

Can you also share any product ideas you / your team have come up with ?

Every company should have what is called a startupDNA, a self replicating system of principles which helps churn out new ideas, concepts, prototypes all to achieve the intended purpose of startup incorporation.

The startupDNA at my startup Rajyaseva Solutions, works on the principle of social benefit , where every product / service idea should at the end of the day benefit others. Unless the idea has some social benefit, i dont allow work to start on it. This is apart from IT Services of course, where customer is king !

Anyway for SEO / Digital marketing , please follow @jigneshg on social media, or get in touch with @admin with a specific query, or post the query directly on startups forum, so many digital marketing experts are on startups forum.

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First of all change one-page website to multipage website. Create a separate page for every service and focus on long tail keywords.

If you are new to SEO then first you need to learn SEO. Check out slideshare, youtube for SEO tips. Join forums related to SEO.

If you are looking to target businesses in your city then add your business to google maps.

Use Facebook groups for marketing. Join groups related to your niche and post in those groups.


@Ron thanks that was a precious advise. I Don’t think you need anything from me as you’ve already gone to the next level :smile: , and @Admin sir I’m already working on it to make it a multi-page website. I have selected some keywords and pages. I mean I suggested all the specific pages we need, created meta for them and just waiting our developer’s team to implementing it.
I already added this business on google business listing. created a page on facebook and linkedin, twitter as well. Thanks for your interest. I will be in need of your guidance for quite some time though. :wink: :smile:


In ON page SEO ensure that alt tag contains keywords and also take care about the site loading speed.


yes sir. I m re-designing my website and i will keep your tips in mind for sure.
thanks @ourbusinessladder


Make on Page Seo and submitted it to google webmaster or in other search engine web master and and also make off page seo.:slight_smile:


Work In Progress Ma’am… :smile:


Hi Punkit, for SEO the first and foremost thing is to do a proper and right keyword research (try identical market KW research), you might be knowing this but doing it in the right way is necessary. try to do a good onpage of your website this will greatly help you in getting good ranking and credit to your website.
and very importantly write high quality good content on your website and blog page.

use SMO for driving traffic rom social platform and if you have local business and your target area is local market, then use local SEO, try local listing sites for registering for your business.


Thanks @sanchaysanyal!
I heard the term “Local SEO” from many experts in the field and blogs. what is exactly a local SEO?
How to do it? How does it differ from traditional seo? Please anyone, Tell me about this.


Previously (in 2015), Google made its biggest changes in local search history, which resulted in a huge difference from what users and SEO experts had been experiencing all along. With the update, SEO experts were out with Local SEO tips to provide a work around for this Google update.

When this happened, both users and SEO enthusiasts first noticed that while making a search for a local premises or business, the result would show 3 main search results instead of 7, which was the case previously. The Google map that appeared alongside the search results though, was seemingly unchanged.

Google’s aim has always been to make the users enjoy a convenient, easily navigable experience – which is why these changes did not come as a surprise to most of us. It instead seemed like a logical amendment towards improving the search engine’s user-experience.

Local SEO Tips:

Make sure you have a physical address in the town you are targeting
Properly utilize Google My Business (GMB)
Ensure that the NAP(Name, Address and Phone number) on your website
matches the NAP on GMB (Google My Business)
See to it that your website has a map to your location
Ensure that different business locations have distinct web page
Secure, Build Out And Update Your Business Listings On Local Websites
Encourage And Respond To Online User Reviews
Engage Regularly Via Social Media
Make proper use of citations

In Local SEO also so many tips are there, but i think these are the main points.


Thanks Ma’am @Sravani


hey contact me for advises.
i am an airliner and SEO of E commerce in Canada
i have indian origin from my parents … i am french and canadian nationality

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Make a checklist which contains following factors:

  1. Article submissions
  2. Infographic submission
  3. Video submission
  4. Guest blogging
  5. Forum discussions
  6. Social Media linking

Start your tasks accordingly to manage SEO for startups.



With Google’s constant updates to algorithm it has become very difficult to do SEO and is very unpredictable about the changes. If somebody can share the latest SEO techniques it will be very good for small companies like us.



Really it was such an useful information SEO techniques for startups!! I appreciate your posts!!


I see that so many people will submit their blogs into such directories that has no importance or that are in no way associated. So what do you say? Is it OK or site can be hit by Google’s Penguin?


If you want to rank your site than you need to make your project secure with SSL certificate or also with others then check speed or other limitation for site. you need unique and user friendly content.
also you need checklist for website. than start working on website regularly with proper updation or proper research. If you are not working on regular basis then it’s not good for your website with good trust.