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hi i am an italian, i have read many interesting post in this community and i decided to join it.
I am working in finance industry from 6 years. I am fond in finance (of course) , technolgy, wine&food and in particular trip.
I would like collaborate with someone that have an idea and need a co-founder or team, i could bring my experte in finance but also in planning planning travel, tech and other.
Why i wrote in india forum? Beacuse i see a great vibracy in indian ecnomy and in the world of starup in India.
I could help startuup to expand business in Europe and in particular in Italy.
I am looking for idea in finance, wine&food or travel to develop and grow up.
I have some idea for a new site to help the voyagers to plan their trip, but like i wrote above i am looking also an project in other industries.
In short i have a great passion and want to do and create new business, if you want collaborate with me or confront with me i am here.


My name is Galina, ‘Coinage attraction’ company.
We’ve worked at coin minting market since 2010. Now we’re developing our business in Europe and looking for new partners.
We offer an equipment of coin minting for different events (weddings, fests, jubilee…), equipment for coin minting with special image a customer has requested (portraits, logos).
Moreover, we offer vending machines for the manufacture and sale of souvenir coins and tokens.
Our office is located in Moscow. We’ve partners in Ireland, Czech Republik, Latvia, Italy, Israel, Germany, Portugal, Canada, US and others. We have EAC cerificate.
Here is our link


I am busy with my own startup and I am not looking for partners. If you are interested in an idea related to finance check