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We are 100% online marketplace. We are a 5 months old startup based in Kolhapur (Western Maharashtra), have already crossed 15,000 users a day. For the month of March 2017, our website ranking was 10,314 on a pan a India level.
We are growing at a rate of 30% month on month and revenue are growing month by month.
What differentiates us from other market places is -
We are a seller oriented panel. Our suppliers are ‘distributor level’, which helps cut down cost in various categories.
Our software is designed to give a direct price comparison of competitors products to the sellers. This direct comparison enables the seller to adjust the prices instantly and stay ahead in competition.
We have the fastest payment cycle to the sellers which in turn makes the product competitive.
Our software helps sellers enter monthly day wise discounts and similarly they can enter hourly discounts in one go.
Our courier panel gives a direct price comparison of the best available courier service.This helps in saving the courier cost too.
We have worked out a franchise model for sellers registration and cataloguing which enables us to reach the maximum sellers through out the country. We provide free registration to sellers and charge commission on sales.
We are also affiliating with various services like Bus booking,flight and hotel booking, taxi booking, and various other services like restaurants , tuition, astrology, beauty parlours , doctors, specialist, etc which in turn will increase the traffic. We plan to introduce discount coupons for the same.
Being located in a small city like Kolhapur helps us cut cost and stay in the competition as the basic expenses like infrastructure,wages, rents is low as compared to a metro. This in turn helps us to charge the seller a lower amount of commission which again reduces the product cost.
Our revenue strategy involves launching ‘happy hours’ after the completion of Competitors ‘sale’ events. We can call them as after sales…
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Thank you.
Amit Gandhi


I checkout out shop on site. Did you develop the site in house or brought off the shelf software ? How long and hurdles did you have to face to get to here ? What are the issues you are having now ?


All the Best for your Start-Up.
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