Should I leave my job and start the startup?


I have an idea… I am thinking about leaving the job and start working on the idea. What do you think? What are the steps to start the startup?

  • Leave the job and start the startup
  • Work on the startup without leaving the job

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Do you have the financial stability to take on a potentially risky role at a start-up? If yes, go ahead and make something awesome!


I think this will be the most asked question here. :wink: You should go safe by working on startup without leaving your current job. Good luck. :slightly_smiling:


Hi Tejas, I think it is unfair to vote without knowing how much potential your startup holds. I would suggest calculating the risk in respect to the domain of your startup and what competition you hold. Why don’t you try approaching some investors and seek their take on this? Also, if you truly feel the urge to embark on the journey, don’t let anything stop you. I’ll leave a small quote here for you: “A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.” - William G.T Shedd All the best :slightly_smiling:


Hello! :wave: I would not advise you to leave the job. Because without stability it is better not to take that risk. But in any case, we’re not able to give an objective assessment of your situation, so you have to weigh all the pros and cons and make a decision yourself )


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Its better to work on the startup without leaving the job, because it would be the safer side. If your starup runs successfully you may then leave the job. Visit the blog which will answer you question in a right way.


If you have some wonderful idea thats a bit unique and would potentially improve some business, you definitely have a good future as a startup.
But before you step out, you need to re-think

  1. Do you have a good financial status that you need not depend on monthly income.
  2. Do you have Some one who can backup just incase if you got too busy with your works.

If you have answer to the 2 questions you are good to go.
But now, most of them would have a big No for the fist question, and in that case the ideal way would be starting your startup when you are still in a job and then to quit your job once you feel your starup has now started earning bread for its own.


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If you have idea about startup risk you can do it but do not loose your job. If you financially perfect you do it. The thing is that your idea must be verity not same like others.