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We are ZadP Solutions Private Limited. Our flagship product YourShopConnect is creating opportunity for business to adopt eCommerce solution at free off cost, also our interactive community engagement enables our members to stay updated on trends and new technology to expand and grow business.

Your ShopConnect helps in simplifying eCommerce & mCommerce setup and management. ShopConnect in short is Shopify Meets Alibaba, We connect our shops through their inventory enabling the connect to be more fruitful and focused.

Our value preposition is Zero Investment & Zero Risk solution. Our members get a website & mobile app with tailored design. This also includes e2e eCommerce solution with integrated payments and logistics. We are trying to disrupt the eCommerce Solution industry. We offer best of features out of the box at Zero Setup Fee and Zero Maintenance fee. We only charge Rs. 30 + GST (India) and $1 (Rest of the world) per invoice, hence when you make money we make money. Our members enjoy world class ecommerce service partner while paying nothing per month.

Usecases we support:

New Ecommerce Startups: Newbies trying to enter the world of eCommerce can setup their store with us in less than 1 min. We provide end to end solution with great features for free, they can map their own domain and get started with marketing. Products are preloaded from our community inventory hence no need to worry about inventory. All the order processing is handled automatically hence as a new entrepreneur you explore marketing and customer engagement, and we would manage your technology.

Passive Income: Every society has one household that sells products from home. We support these entrepreneurs by providing them their own website which is mobile friendly. Payment gateway and shipping solution comes integrated with our platform hence no need to worry about it. We also allow our members to upload their own products enabling global reach. We support multiple currencies hence our members can decide to target multiple countries.

Existing Shops/Retailers looking to Add new Sales Channel: We encourage existing businesses from Tier3 and Tier2 locations to join us and help our community to grow. They benefit to connect with more than 1000 sellers across India ensuring they not only expand their retail market however they can also target reseller market without any extra effort.

We currently have more than 60K+ products and support more than 100+ categories. We are happy to have 1000+ members. We are growing at the rate of 24% week on week basis and are looking to get mentors who can guide us with improving our market shares.

Please checkout our video to know moreā€¦ YouTube.

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Can we create our own online store? how it is different from shopify?
How you handle delivery and refund of products?


Yes you can create an online store which comes with below listed features out of the box.

FREE Out of the Box

  • free subdomain address. You can map your own website allowing your complete freedom to market your brand.
  • Smartphone-ready storefront with shopping cart
  • Free hosting and unlimited bandwidth
  • Amazing designs and professional images
  • Unlimited products at Reseller price
  • Payment Gateway Integrated hence accept credit cards, debit cards, net banking and wallets
  • Shipping Integrated hence ship your products anywhere with flexible rates
  • Track inventory and orders on your phone (Mobile App to be released by end of the Month)
  • Discounts, Offers and Coupon setup
  • Drive traffic to your store from Facebook
  • Get more customers with built-in SEO tools

In regard to being different from Shopify, We are a technology company focused on increasing Entrepreneurs in India. Our biggest differentiator is the price, our platform is free of cost. No monthly fees, no maintenance fees or any annual charges.

We are currently in process of registering our company in Estonia, post our registration we would be able to get our members access to 64 countries and 17 currencies. We as a solution would never charge any monthly fees, you only pay when you get business and you only pay per invoice, regardless of the invoice amount. Our Indian members will only pay Rs. 35.40(inclusive of GST) per invoice for domestic transactions and Rs. 59(inclusive of GST) for international transactions.

We have 1038 shops registered with us, we currently manage more than 60K+ products for them via our setup. We are based out of Jamnagar Gujarat and have our development center in Bangalore Karnataka. We are made for India hence we would also be focused on business first, however we do not allow any one to register

Shipping as a solution is available to you, you can choose weather to use our shipping solution or use your logistic partner. Its optional hence it all depends you our members and their customer location. By all means our solution is completely customisation hence you can request for feature and we would get working on it. Only thing we cannot guarantee is swift turn over on feature requests.

Our members are not getting a marketing platform they are getting technology partner. Our members manage marketing of their own website and promotion. We do provide guidelines and consultancy if required however we never charge for it.

We are not jus an e-commerce solution company, we are an eco system. You can call us at Office +91 8049 572 311 and Cell +91 9113 275 236. We are available Monday through Friday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Checkout YourShopConnect | Pricing - Free eCommerce solution for Life for details on pricing and our solution.