Smartphone Surveillance - Hoax or Reality?



Are you aware your Smartphone is also a Surveillance Device ?

It is unimaginable in Today’s world to separate an individual from his or her mobile device. The reality of living in a digital world is that every individual has to carry one of these devices just to stay in touch with each other. Owning a high end mobile Phone, therefore is increasingly becoming, if it has not already become, an existential phenomenon.

Yet only a small minority of informed individuals are aware that the modern day smartphone can be used as a surveillance device , to track your moments on a real time basis using the GPS Technology that is embedded in your smart phone circuitry and programmed into your device software.

The danger arising from the wrongful use of Technology that is meant to be a facilitator , is that it can also be used to track your whereabouts at any given moment of time.

What kind of safeguards must be employed then in order to de-risk ourselves from being tracked by private enterprises for their commercial interests and anti-national forces without our prior permission ?

A Public and Open discussion on this subject would be ideal n this regard covering aspects of Technology , Implementation, Infrastructure and the Law, so that proper steps can be taken to ensure that our rights as digital citizens are not compromised, by any person , or any private or public entity.


It actually can be used for such purpose. Do you know that apps like exist? That’s a great example actually. But I think that we shouldn’t care much about this issue. I get your point but I am don’t agree with some statements. We shouldn’t get paranoid about it.


Trust me there are enough people who are super wary of such things, those who are at the very helm of the intellectual world, and the free software community.
Watch Richard Stallman’s rant on iOT on youtube. There are more specific videos on the net where malicious intent in smartphone technology is discussed.

Barack Obama, who enjoys a popular following in India had to face a lot of flak when it was revealed that the NSA was secretly listening into American and Non- US Citizens conversations , and had liason with Google and Yahoo for user data.

The CEO of Google , Eric Schmidt himself admitted to surveillance when he said if there is something for you to hid, it should not be put on the net.

I prefer to use a non-android phone, and a feature phone for this very reason.

This is why during blogging i follow three simple rules on social media, learnt from many of my past experiences.

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