So many websites/forums/startups but still so much lacking as a single platform?



I have seen a lot of websites daily on different trends & topics. Even a lot websites that cover startup topics, issues,stories, write articles, provide information and ton features like others,

Even there are many platform or investors, VC, mentors and founders but still not a complete platform which offers something helpful to all or most indian Startups.

What you think is the most important thing that most startup looking for at their different stages of business. Put your thoughts and we might come up with something that can help build something more valuable and useful

Looking forward


Hi…Not sure what you say you want a site with “ton of features”…To be frank no site can be 100% correct and offer “everything”…but you can offer the most important of them…

I think the most important thing is “Education”…and there should be weminars or seminars on educating all of us, about the mindset of investors and what investors are looking for and what young entrepreneurs need to do to attract new angel investors…and working culture…also


The below post is talking about a consulting platform, but they have not revealed much about their market adoption strategy.
But i think its a great idea.
Online Consulting Platform in India


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