Social Impact Initiative : Menstrual Hygiene Programme



Dear All,
I Jagpreet Singh, graduated from Amity University in Mass Communications. I have been a consummate professional for more than 7 years now and have worked on various fashion / sports / Social impact projects. After leading the way for some of the great projects in my portfolio, followed by my interest towards the social impact, i along with my partner started our NGO that works on the social impact projects. We recently started a self initiative program called “Dosti Forever”, that will educate the adolescent kids about their body changes and the biological reasons behind the same in order to tackle the myths and tabboo. We chose this topic while doing an awareness activities on sanitation and hygiene around the Kumbh Mela s in India. Our client here wanted us to focus on the toilet and their use, we found out that the biggest sufferer in all these situations is the women who faces so many of these problems during their menses, thus bringing in so many of myths and taboos around the same due to lack of knowledge and information.

Thus, our team collectively decided to work on the topic in order to support the adolescence kids in rural as well as urban background through our full fledged curricular which involved a 2 hour of training with a take away reference booklet that has information about the topic.

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