Social media for business



Which social media platform would be great for generating leads for business consultants?


Well, facebook is the best to generate leads because of the flexibility it provides.

Groups, pages and such modules help you for your business.

Over the time facebook has evolved from being just about connecting with friends to connecting with your focused audience for you business.


Don’t leave out Instagram, it has large number of growing users and is one of the best ways to promote a product or a business on a Social Media. Just my 2 Cents :slight_smile:


I’d point out FB and Linkedin. FB is great source of traffic if handled properly. DO NOT simply buy traffic from it but create groups, post compelling texts and interact with your targeted audience!


At first start with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Then go with Instagram and you can also do Email Marketing. There are many Business Tools such as LeadLake and Unomy, which might help you in getting quality data.


Yes, Social Media work very well but it all depends on which business category you are looking to generate leads.

Facebook works well for any kinds of B2C business and less compared for the B2B.

LinkedIn work very well & gives good leads for B2B - Enterprise Sales

Instagram works well for Fashion, Fitness related domains.

So categorize your need based on the Lead Persona and decide which works better for you.


It is vital to have a social presence as if we do not see the ads.of product, we don’t come to about it. In the same way is your business. Social Media leads you to gather attention not only domestic but also of international level.

According to my opinion, LinkedIn is the best professional network. Every kind of business can get their connections over here. Apart from this, you can go to the Facebook page, groups and Instagram to highlight yourself among the target audience. Twitter is also a good path to fetch the attention.


Customer case studies is one thing that works definately on social media.

Most B2B companies have one or more case studies in use. The power of the case study is simple to understand. There can’t be anything else more persuasive than reading how a company has helped someone just like you. And helped them so much, they’ll sign up to tell the world about it.
Case studies are versatile and can be used in more than one way.

You can share your case study on relevant social media including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also use social ads to drive traffic to the case studies.

If you want to learn how to make and use case studies on social media, feel free to check out an online course - B2B Marketing Case Study : From Step One to Seven


Social Media is best way for today … any business Like facebook, Instagram, linkedin, Twitter and Many More Because huge amount users on this networks and Surffing at mobile device any time any where … So used for social media platform for business Grow thing …


While numerous organizations utilize customary promoting strategies to draw in new business and customers, others have included or totally replaced traditional marketing with new or creative advertising strategies. These new strategies frequently rotate around the Internet; organizations utilize web-based social networking tools and online promotion battles to grow their gathering of people. Organizations can create website pages or web journals that give updated data on their products or services.
Approaches to generate leads are

  • Content Marketing
  • Customer referral
  • SEO, SEM and PPC
  • Cross Promotion
  • Social media marketing
  • Direct Mailing
    Be that as it may, these are a bit tedious, rather you can get leads through the business tools some of which are area particular. These tools are as follows,
  • LeadLake
  • Leadforensics