Somebody give me advice to improve




I was started the domain Adskaart,com to feature adwords platform to help small business to start advertisement.
However, I am struggling to reach. Please someboday help me as strategic partner /advisor / mentor to help achieve adskaart really do well for small business.



What are your current marketing strategies? Have you tried fb ads?


Target small business owners via FB ads. Use the following filters when creating an ad.

People who are small business owners ( Job Title, Industry).

Also, research the market and use the appropriate filters like age, gender, interests, location, etc.


get in touch with SME websites and have a strategic tieup


Hello we too have a digital marketing platform. Was looking for a ad agency for a while. Have a different concept. Get in touch at pumpchargeâ–



I am running a start up successfully, also get funded. Consultant and investor in 2 start ups , i am ready to join your company as Advisor connect with me at : infoâ– or komtotechâ–

Tarun sharma


Thank you for the message. Sorry on late reply.

The website has minor changes now. once its done, i let into fb ads. However i am looking on organic traffic to bring visibility for the domain and customers. Please help me to find or give me a valuable suggestion to add on website. Thanks again!


Great! Is there any other way to boost the website without paid advertisements?


Thank you. Yea sure to looking forward to meet SMEs.


Thank you Komtotech. Much appreciated. Sending you the email.


Try content marketing …



PM me and I will be able to help out. I run 2 startups and advisor to 3. With more details, will be able to lend my support


Do you only advertise on Google adwords or on other affiliate/ad-platforms as well ??
We also do adwords for our clients.


Do content marketing…