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Hi, I am Pallavi Behani. Out of passion, I write about all kinds of Startups and Entrepreneurs who have followed their passion.It helps to spread a word about the venture across the globe Visit my website thewowstory.com to know more about it. Follow my page on facebook : Thewowstory


Interesting description, but your website domain is invalid


Here’s the link to my website : www.thewowstory.com


Hi! Looks good.
Here is link to my story covered on YourStory : http://yourstory.com/2016/04/vinav-bhanawat/



Hi Pallavi,
Recently I have read an article on a company named Gozoop. It is also a startup company founded by three people and now in a very shot span of time has spread across its business in international geographies also. The most interesting part was this company Gozoop has been recently shortlisted also in the list of top 100 best places to work list. Now I feel that’s a huge achievement for a company who is just five years old.