Start up Day- A unique Networking event


A day meant for start up to share the stories and build networks. We are by our self, learn from our own mistakes and successes. The program will be for one full day, in an informal manner. No class room training or discussions, we will gather at a resort, spend the full day. The idea is to build network among starters and learn from each other’s from their practical experience.


9.00 AM: Arrival & Confirmation

9.15 to 10.00 AM: Breakfast & networking

10.00 Am to 13.00: Sessions by members & Show case the start-ups.

13.00 to 14.00: Lunch & networking

14.00 to 15.00: Q&A and Knowledge sharing

15.00 to end: networking & resort activities

Prior registration is mandatory. The charges are collected towards the logistic expenses for the event.

For registration:


Kindly arrange these type of event in delhi also


Thanks for your message. if we can get a good participation I can organise.


I am happy to inform all about the successful completion of our first start up day event. We had 22 participants in total, discussing various topics and sharing learning. The main topics discussed were- How they started; acquiring the first customer; approaching investors; managing resources; cost effective office administration & business plans. Helped to get smarter ways to work and cleared few myths around start-ups. It was a good learning experience for the participants. In addition, 4 client-vendor deals signed up among the participants, much more discussions in pipe line.