Start up of selling online miniature rice art all over india


Guy’s I am up to an start up of online selling of miniature art that is names and mantra ( मंत्र ) written on a small piece of rice and selling of it by home delivery and cash on delivery. So guys I want to know how I to start all and set up all the things and how to get data base and sms service.


hi @Rahulsarawagi , you can directly sell via amazon or other platform, or you can make your own portal, you can buy all india databse in just Rs.10k to 15k. all sms services are also at good rates, from 5paisa to 7 paisa per sms. or you can also marketing your items via whatsapp / instagram.


Yeh sir I will surely get you in contact tomorrow. Thank you for your concern .


This is really a very good idea. Have you started selling or used any database. Pls post your feedback so we all can learn from your experience.


@bhargav can you suggest the name of the database provider and also SMS service provider.

What is the clickthrough rate or response.