Start up process - From Idea to Reality


Hi Everyone,

I am working on a startup idea for quite a time and have finally reached a workable model in Healthcare industry. But the major challenge what i face is that i don’t have investors or venture firms to whom i can present it for funding.
Can anyone help me with the process of how and where to look for an investor and present them with my idea and the process for same.

Thank You.


There are many ways to present your idea to investors. I am assuming you already have prototypes ready with you.

  1. Check out this article -
  1. Visit the following topic. Check out which VC’s invest in healthcare industry. Send a mail to them. Follow them on social media. Give a call.


Thank You for your reply
Hope it surely helps


I know about a platform named BORNBRIO, that collaborates global investors, mentors and startup ideas. You can create a idea campaign or discuss your ideas with the mentors.Hope u can go forward with your idea.


I believe this blog ""would be useful for you.