Start-up working in Energy Efficiency space with good traction facing difficulties in raising funds


Pleasure being connected; our business core strength is project implementations at the grassroots level and we are in Marketing, Awareness and Distribution of LED lamps, LED Tubelights, Fans and other Energy Efficient Appliances Pan India.

Ageln is working actively in Energy Efficiency space and in spite of decent track record we are facing difficulties in raising funds (Debt or Equity) for Working Capital requirements to accelerate our growth.

We have shown good traction in this space and here’s some accomplishments as below:

Average Energy saved 51,000 KW/Hr per month in Western UP as Ageln has distributed 10 lakhs LED Lamps (7W & 9W) in Western UP for HPL Electric & Company Limited in span of 6 months; average of 5,000+ LED lamps sales per day.
Average savings in Electricity bills is approximately 60% for Consumers in Western UP
Ageln has reached 3+ Crores turnover since inception (June 2016) with decent profits and has the core team with average 12+ years’ experience is Energy segment.
Ageln has negotiated Exclusive LED lamps distribution proposition on Outright purchase model with Credit terms from major OEMs like HPL, FIEM, Jaquar etc.

The business proposition has risks mitigated through Exclusivity, project delivery vendor alliances, cash flows and stock insurances.

Kind Regards,

Sanjeev Kumar Singh
Ageln Business Solutions Private Limited
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