Started my consultancy business in 3 weeks without spending a penny Part 1


Half of the people will think it is crazy!!
90% of wannapreneurs don’t start anything at all by saying, we don’t have money to start our business, we need funding from investors, we lack experience to serve big clients.

And honestly speaking, I thought these factors are holding me back too, I spent 4 years just thinking to start up something but didn’t knew what should I get into,where to find a co-founder who can help me.And even if somehow I get started, how will I get people to buy, where will I get my clients from, there are so many people out there already doing it!!

But, instead of whining, I took a slightly different approach than rest of the crowd, instead of spending time in building my own consultancy I went into partnerships with big boys with an offer they couldn’t refuse.

1 hr spent to plan 1 month before making any move

Just before starting off, I thought, what would be a great way to start off my consultancy?

What will I do in my consultancy if i have to start today, what will I do if I get all the money, all the contacts, all the marketing, all the resources in my hand, if I have no barriers.

So, I made a 90 day plan to get to a revenue figure
Don’t worry, I didn’t do a BIG planning document, It was a simple plan of what all activities we have to do each day.

Write back to me by PM as I don’t know how to share my exact 30 days simple planning excel template which you can instantly use too which if filled you will 100% start taking actions.Don’t worry buddies, its all free, it gives me great pleasure when a person comes and says, I applied and thanks it worked, no money needed…

Will share part 2 shortly.

Started my consultancy business in 3 weeks without spending a penny Part 2

Hey Ankit!

This is insanely amazing. I hope you are on a roll now. I am more interested in starting a placement consultancy as well. Still figuring out the odds. Help me if you can. Much appreciated! Thanks!


Sure, would be happy to.Send me a private message.


Dear Ankit,

This is a great news.Kindly share the details via PM.



Hi Ankit,
I would like to sell products from manufacturers on a commission. I mean interested in grains and various nuts. How would you approach this.


Hi Ankit,

Need your help to start job consultancy business.
pls help.


Hi Ankit,

Great to know your journey… when was this?
Would like to have tbe planning sheet…



Hi, I would be interested in 30 day plan… Pls send me…


Appreciate your efforts I would be glad if you can share me the Planning sheet. Thank you.