Started my consultancy business in 3 weeks without spending a penny Part 2


In my previous post

I started with giving an overview and then explaining why planning was important for me before start.Next step was that once I was clear as what I had to get into, I had to find out…
**Who can be a potential partner and
Where to find them

I was clear that I am interested in business consultancy, fixated my target market and then I reached out to my favourite peer Linkedin, started with an advanced research for who all could be my potential competition if I would have started my own business, who are not big but like an SME who would want to grow!!

Quick Tip- Linkedin has a similar company or people who viewed also viewed section which works amazing

The search gave me a number of potential companies, I just made Top10 list to give me focus into what I was doing.Doesn’t it make sense to focus only on the ones who are easy prey rather than focusing on full jungle.Once I found these partner companies, second part was to search for decision makers, 2 people in that company who would desperately want me:-

1.CEO/Owner of the company, and
2.Influencers to CEO in the company(probably a person who are next to CEO in top management)

Note: Influencer is a backup person to reach CEO if he crushes our dream!!
Again my beloved Linkedin gave me names these people.

After going through profile of these 2 partners, either reach them out via Linkedin or google their names in the search box with their company to get their email id’s.

If anybody is interested in knowing/learning how I did linkedin advanced research and want to see step by step walkthrough of finding partners, I can make a walkthrough video for the same.I will be happy to help if people apply this to find their Top10 list and mail me if get stuck.
PS:This is just 1 way to find partners online, in offline world, I have got some killer tactics if anybody is interested in the same PM me.