Started my first website ever!




I’ve recently launched my first website - an online classifieds portal to buy/sell goods/services across India. My intention behind starting it is to provide a better user interface and user experience than the existing classifieds websites.

Please share your valuable reviews and help me improve the features on Adzilla.

Thanks in advance!


If you are looking to market your startup then I will do so.

Let me introduce you my company, is our self-serving platform allows advertisers to advertise in different advertising channels such as Display Ad, Sponsored Ad, Influencer Marketing and Affiliate Marketing everything is managed in-Dashboard. Also, we do Marketing Consultancy and makes our client’s product a notable brand.

If you are interested or have any doubt then DM me.


first of all Congratulations. U did the toughest thing that u took first step, 99% of people on the earth couldnt. big thing starts with one tiny simple idea. success of ur start up is depends on ur motive, ur believe system. i mean what is the goal of ur start up will decide its future, what i want to say whether u want to solve the problem and make people living easier or u are targeting money that will decide ur future. i hope that will help you. best luck for ur journey.


I am impress your business opportunity.

I think I also need to introduce my company.

I belong from Indore, business name is a Rejuvenate Hair Transplant Centre. Business owner is a Dr Anil Kumar Garg (Hair Transplant Surgeon). He is a good and exert surgical and non surgical treatment doctor. We are the best hair transplant in India.


Thanks for sharing your inputs, Sanket. Much appreciated!


Hey Adzilla, Great website. Looking at your homepage especially “above the fold” part I just have one suggestion, there’s no clear mention of what you do. Like OLX tells their users that they are India’s largest marketplace (maybe they are not, but it becomes quite clear that it is an online marketplace in India). Since you guys are new and need an introduction, It would be great if you make your message clear to the users coming to your website. All the best.


Hi sreshtaglobal,

That’s a really good suggestion! I’ll look into it. Thanks


You are welcome. We are a business advisory service based company in Bangalore. If you need any assistance, please let us know. It would be a pleasure to work with you guys.
Visit our website ( for more info.
Thank you.


I need to know about your site, Can I post ad free?


yes you can we are the leading online part hub in India, have more than 3000 people visiting our site


Hi Manistha, Thanks for showing interest in my website. Yes posting ad on is absolutely free. You have the option of even adding a video url of your product/service to make your ad stand out from the rest of the ads. Try it and let me know your experience. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!


How many days my ad post will live.


Your post will be live For 90 days.


OK, and any link from my reference site.


You can use a reference link in your ad.


Thanks for providing me amazing information.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


My website category is hair, beauty and health. So is it available on your site.


You can post it under ‘Fashion and Lifestyle’ Category


How many number of classifieds post in a day by one user.