Starting Your Own Bitcoin Exchange Business?


Making Your Bitcoin Exchange Business in Online / Offline!!

German TV Channel Says Bitcoin Is “Digital Gold”

One of Germany’s most well known publicly oldest television channels Das Erste aired a full featured news report on bitcoin that referring to the cryptocurrency as “Digital Gold” .

The channel broadcast goes on to detail how the bitcoin is generated through mining and the securitization of network transaction. The show explains how mining competition is growing significantly , rewards mining difficulty fixed into the software, and. An interesting take-away from the video is that mining is often referred to as “digging” similarly to gold mining.

The reporter explains:

“As a result, bitcoin is a finite commodity such as gold, which is becoming more and more valuable as more people are interested in it.” Why You Shouldn’t Invest in Bitcoin !!


A hard-nosed entrepreneur always performs a SWOT test but your post shows only the glowing tributes, no discussion about the shortcomings of “BitCoin”.

Let me be the Devil’s Advocate here:

1) Money should have an independent existence

  • Digital Currency cannot exist without electricity, PCs and the Internet

2) BitCoin is safe and limited only by today’s technological standards

  • given the pace of improvement in technology, it can be safely foreseen that the encryption will become breachable in future. And someone might find a way to mine (counterfeit?) own BitCoins, possbily?

Search the Internet for more information in the hacking of Mt.Gox BitCoin exchange which happened a few years ago.

Anyone else care to contribute to this list?


You need three components:

  1. A user account system that allows users to register, maintain a balance, deposit and withdraw BTC and other currencies, and place buy and sell orders. You’ll need to integrate this with a payment processor to support currency deposits and withdrawals.
  2. A matching engine that looks at the current buy and sell orders and matches orders together and executes the trades.
  3. A Bitcoin wallet to actually store each user’s BTC balance. You should use a hot/cold wallet system that keeps most of the BTC offline.

these three things are must important to starting your own bitcoin exchange Business. You can also offers to users to buy bitcoin with credit card , debit card , That’s much beneficial for your business.


Yes. It’s very good startup idea. When discussing about the Bitcoin exchange business, there are many aspects you have to consider. What are they? These following elements should be in your exchange system.

The platform with escrow admin system which allow the user to make safe transactions.

You have to provide wallet for storing the user’s BTC. Make many payment gateway such as card payment, bank transfer as much as possible.

These things are the must have factors for starting bitcoin exchange business. You can buy the bitcoin exchange software with these inbuilt features.



It is excellent business idea. Creating a bitcoin exchange business is a big deal for startups.

Some of the important points to start bitcoin exchange business:

• Find the Geographical Place to start

• Select ready-to-market script with advanced features like blockchain technology , AML/KYC modules, multi-sig wallet integration, customized admin panel integration, etc….

Newbies can start your bitcoin exchange business with above features to give secure transaction between the clients and can give up more profits. You can buy bitcoin exchange script / software package with on top of the features.


Hey @InternetEntrepreneur, we agree with your point and would like to add some more points.
The first one: For any entity to be called as currency, there has to be some insurance. For example, Govt. of India ensures Indian Rupees, the same thing goes for others. But, in the case of so-called “Digital Currency” there is no Insurance from any Govt. or even any organization.
Sure, it could be a profitable asset at this stage, but its future remains to be seen.