Startup business idea


Hi All,

I am from Pune and work as a software engineer in a reputed IT firm.I want to resign and start something of my own.I have a budget of about 14 lakhs.
I need some guidance.Along with the idea,I also want to understand about profits and risk associated with it.Thanks in advance.



I am looking for partners to get involved in some of my ideas. I am from bangalore… you can connect with me over mail "monikap30491■" regarding in which industry you want to invest.



@sajinb I can certainly help you right from idea generation, feasibility, modeling, planning, funding to make it live.

Kind Regards,
Yogesh Thite


Thanks Yogesh.How can I contact you?


Hey,this is Swapnil .I got a business idea and a 4+ experience in that field (about the Business idea).I would love if you ready to invest in my idea with some percent of equity.
I would be glad working with you,
If interested contact me.
Thank You.


This is Aziz, Presently working in pune. I am having a startup idea and looking for a partner who can invest. Best thing is that my idea is not that much money demanding. So if you feel going ahead, please contact me.


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