Startup India Funding for the New Ventures


What are the right steps to get the funds for your startup?
I can brief what I did so far:
We are a startup registered

  1. We are a newly startup private limited company and we register ourselves in the Starup India Program and got the DIPP Number
  2. We called up the Startup India Toll Free Number and they gave us a link to download the list of investors
  3. We downloaded and approached all the investors over email. There are 200+.
  4. Only 2 investors reverted in last 15 days. And they too mentioned that they have private investors

Now the Question that I am looking an answer for:

  • Govt. had announced 10000 Crores fund for the start up. Where are these funds and how to approach the right body to talk and get these funds to run our startup?

If someone may help me here…?


What do you mean by they have private investors? What did they say?


They mentioned that the corpus of funds that they have are from private investors and nothing from government.

So, my ask is, whom/where do we approach to get our startup funding from Govt. 10K Cr.?


Same is with us. No scheduled bank is giving any satisfactory response. Their suggestion is to approach SIDBI. Absolutely there is no information on HOW TO APPROACH & WHOM TO APPROACH for startup funding.


Govt. is mentioning lot of initiatives and steps for startup and I am sure there are things on the paper.

Can someone in the forum help us understand the next steps to proceed?

Because as a startup entrepreneur, I do not see any light anywhere other than running it in a traditional way.


I have a plastic based project related to LPG Cylinder. Initial study was conducted and technical details collected from Indian Plastic Institute. This being a monopoly product(nobody has started it so far), all India market is for sure and would be very
successful. If somebody wants to join hands, please contact M.Unnikrishnan
Allahabad Mob.9415307784


Sir can you please share details at parassaluja86■


As Startups always respect the talented employees, Either it is fresher or experienced. But in the term of stabilized companies, things could changed.

Our talent may get hide due to the shiny aura of expertise. We may not be allowed to put our thoughts in front of all or may even discouraged too